The BIG Plus size question – How to look Slim and Stylish at the same time? Navigating through the world of plus-size fashion can be tough because of limited options available to curvy people. The key to look slimmer and stylish at the same time is CHANGING Of MINDSETS. Curves are hot but you need to make sure to look good with them. You want to look curvalicious and not Frumpy :-). To look your best make sure your proportions are balanced and Bang on nobody can stop you from looking slim and stylish. Check out these plus size fashion advice and styling golden strategies to make you look leaner.

Choose the right color?

Dark colors hold true for looking slim. Colors like Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Dark shades of Green help you to give a slim appearance. However people with dark complexion can avoid dark color blocks and go for the contrast options; teaming light and dark shaded garments for a stylish, trendy and slim look.

Choose the right pattern?

The details you put on your body frame is very important. You should strategically work with prints, shapes and patterns of the clothing you put on. You should avoid wearing large block prints clothing and ensure that whatever you wear fits you properly. For plus size people, Vertical details are your best friends.

Adaptation to layering?

Layering is beneficial as it broadens up the bulkiness. You can successfully play with streamline layering but at the same time being careful in choosing the colors of your apparel. Cover up the light hued shirts with dark hued colors for a flawless impression and a classy look. For example, pair up a navy blue jacket or grey jacket on white shirt and you are good to go.

Choose the right kind of Formal wear?

When it comes to formal fashion sense, fashion connoisseurs do not recommend overly sized shirts or baggy trousers. Always ensure that you choose the right size fitting trousers and shirts. Avoid pleats, instead choose flat pattern for front. Go for slug sleeves so that you look a bit tall. Follow these simple tips and Be Formal, Be Classy.

Choose the right Accessory?

Accessories can prove to be a big time solution in times of fashion crisis for plus size people. You can opt for the ones which are bright in colors and are bigger in size to instantly glam up your look. Choose from a wide range consisting of bracelets, anklets, earrings, etc. Accessorize it right and dance your way to be the trendsetter.